Atelier Beatriz Manteigas


My body of work consists of thinking exercises on cultural, social and ecological issues, which start from the singular to echo the plural, and which are mostly in the form of drawings and paintings on paper.

To do this, I use representative elements that start from the particular – symbols, signs, letters, figures, but also colors and compositions – that populate images that are created in search of associations, confrontations, mistranslations and errors that promote and emphasize what appears different from the objective, but still allows itself to be plurally interpreted. The content of these works can be based on any theme and considered on the basis of human intersubjectivity – a desire for understanding and solidarity – to which they aim to be an ode. In this sense, more than the starting point of each work (which is often only residually referred to in the final image), what matters is what emerges in the process of making it: accidents that are a reference to time, space and change – unreproducible, unrepeatable and uncontrollable – but which, because they are anchored in representation, are interpreted as such, becoming metaphors for what will and will not be intelligible, amalgamating both for consideration.