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Lifeline: drawing metaphors of the real

PhD thesis on Drawing – supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science andTechnology (FCT)
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Keywords: drawing; real; realism; metaphor; postmodernism.

Abstract: A theoretical-practical thesis is presented dedicated to the representational relationship between Drawing and the real, through an analysis of Realism to define it as an attitude, transversal to time and space, that is defined by premises from which theoretical-formal constants result. In order to define them, the research begins by considering the various uses of the term “realism” and the forms it assumes as a movement. In that analysis we show how, through Drawing, Realism focuses on the representation of the relationship between the individual and society (which requires consideration of the context and commentary by the author of the work) and also on the way in which representation itself operates – leading to the conclusion that the plurality of forms it assumes corresponds to the breadth of the ontological and epistemological relationship between Drawing and the real. However, when the real comes into question, this relationship comes to be considered beyond the plane of the image. From then on, the simulacrum is real and necessary to the human condition, and the possible truth is that of the shared understanding, which starts and legitimates itself in the subject, and aspires only to inter-subjectivity. From this conjecture, the possibility of a post-modern Realism is considered which, by appropriating the past through Drawing as a route to visual metaphor, comes to consider the real, like signification, as mere objects-of-desire. Disregarding the possibility of a false innocence, it is argued that Realism will be an attitude marked by an eagerness to say that precedes the how to say, leading to the continuous use of Drawing which, due to its social functions, is a continuous lifeline to human and real – allowing itself to deal with themes central to human existence, not through its representation, but by being representative of them. Finally, in the third chapter, an analysis is made of the practical component of this research, fully documented in the appendix, through the consideration of the formal components of the work and their relationship with the theoretical issues considered, clarifying their articulated evolution, and legitimating both. 

JOCEP – Journeys on Contemporary European Painting

Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Oporto, 2022
Paper (soon to be published): They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? O Realismo Pós-moderno.
More info at: https://icocep.fba.up.pt/

Convocarte: Art and Political Activism (Scientific Journal)

Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Oporto, 2019
Article: The political influence on the School of London
Available here .

Expressão Múltipla III: Teoria e Prática do Desenho

Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon, 2019
Paper: O desenho da figura humana na pintura hoje, em Portugal.
Available here .

ICOCEP - International Conference on Contemporary European Painting

Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Oporto, 2017
Paper: Art and Science: the Representation of the Human Body from Antiquity to Contemporary Art.
Published: LARANJO, Francisco, ed.; LOUREIRO, Domingos, ed.; TORRES, Sofia, ed.; ALMEIDA, Teresa, ed. – Painting and Research – Reflexions beyond thinking and practice, (2017). Porto: Research Institute in Art Design and Society – i2ADS, 2017.

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Beatriz Manteigas

MENEZES, Susana (coord.) – As mulheres da cultura na região centro. March 2023.​

Sociedade do Espetáculo (exhibition catalogue)

BOLIVAR, Simão – exhibition catalogue. Arte em Acção, Porto, 2020.

Beatriz Manteigas: inspirações e inquietações

PIRES, Maria Amélia Pires – Villas&Golfe, Europe Edition. nº 102, 2019.
Full article available here .

Liquid Societies (exhibition catalogue)

BENTO, Beatriz – exhibition catalogue. Serpente: Galeria de Arte Contemporânea, Porto, 2018.

Madonas - exposição de Beatriz Manteigas

RAMOS, Artur Ramos – Exhibition catalogue. Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, 2015.
Abstract available​ here.

Public presentations (selection)

Collage, Montage, Assemblage: Collected and Composite Forms, 1700-Present

Edimburg University, 2018
Paper (not published): Collage on the life and work of R.B. Kitaj.

Gender in Art

Social and Human Sciences Faculty of the University of Lisbon, 2017
Paper (not published): The differentiation of genders by genders: the body observed, assimilated and represented according to the body of the representative.

WYA European Art Forum

Lodzkie House/European Parliament, Brussels, 2017
Paper (not published): Unity in Diversity: connecting Europe through Culture